Our Motto: Leave it better than you found it. 


At Chance Vintage we take it as our ethic responsibility to leave what we find in this world in a better state, wether it’s our working culture, customer care, or maintenance routine of resold garments, or our upcycling. What we find in this world we shall leave in a better state.

 Fashion being the 2nd most globally polluting industry in the world only motivates our creativity and purpose driven industry of reducing garments ending up in landfills as much as possible.

 As a eco-conscious company we resell used merchandise by our curation of recycled modern & vintage garments, and by reworking them into unisex lifestyle and daily wear products.

 We take pride in the community we aim to develop and grow, as our purpose is to normalize high quality sustainable fashions integrated into daily life, with transparent methods aiming to cater to a better world.